Annular Eclipse Sunday

It’s been a wild fortnight with a Super Moon followed by a rare annular eclipse!  For those who are energized by solar phenomenon, be sure to set aside Sunday at sunset.  The moon will pass between the earth and the sun beginning about 6:30 PM and ending about an hour later. This eclipse is safely visible only thru approved lenses or by projecting the sun’s image onto a white piece of paper.  DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE. If you live on a projected line between Crescent City, CA and Albuquerque, NM  and on into the Texas, you will see a “ring of fire”, which is a brilliant halo created when the moon centers itself on the setting sun. The rest of us mortals will see only a partial eclipse. To construct an appropriate viewing device, go to You can use a reversed telescope or pair of binoculars to project the image for a group of people.

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