Lunar Eclipse Early!

For all y’all who get up really early (and you know who you are) if you perchance catch a glimpse of the moon at 4am MST, you will see a partial eclipse as the Earth passes between the moon and the sun.  I did not know this, but solar eclipses are always followed or preceded by lunar eclipses (by two weeks) as the moon travels halfway around its orbit of the earth. “Learn something new everyday”, my mother used to tell me.

And then there’s the piece-de-resisteance!  The Transit of Venus! That happens Tuesday as Venus will transit across the face of the sun. Again, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE TRANSIT.  Use your little pin-hole papers or reversed binoculars. This phenomenon will not occur again until 2117.

I now know why astronomers were all old …. they retired and had nothing better to do than study the movements of the heavenly bodies!

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