Carlotta Comes Ashore

Hurricane Carlotta lashed the southern coast of Mexico last weekend, killing at least 2 children with her rain and subsequent landslides. She has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm but is still responsible for the generation of a whole lot of rain. I have checked the weather and surf forecasts and it seems that Mazatlan will not be affected by this storm. However, I do not like the trajectories that the first three storms of the season have displayed… tracking NNE instead of the normal NNW with a severe buttonhook to the west once they reach the open ocean. I am no meteorologist but I am going to start paying closer attention.

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3 Responses to Carlotta Comes Ashore

  1. Jan Simon says:

    Interesting hearing periodically about different happenings there. Thanks for keeping us all informed. What is going on with your place in Fort Collins? Understand it has consumed 46,000 acres. How sad…….hope you have not suffered any lose.


    • La_Lagunita says:

      We are in full fire control mode…. not in fear of this fire…it’s too far away and in the wrong wind direction. But another similar fire could devastate us. So we are readying ourselves as best as possible.


  2. Joyce Pogue says:

    Everything is fine here Kris….about 91 – 93 degrees during the day with a bit of humidity. But thankfully we have a nice sea breeze.


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