Quick Trip!

Dick and I made a quick trip to “the Bubble” last week. The nickname has never been so appropriate. Once inside, everything is fabulous, as usual. Even better than before. The hotel has a new food & beverage manager and the food was quite good. The last night there, I had the tequila shrimp and Dick the carne de res and both were excellent. We ended up staying at the hotel as a splurge and I am glad we did. We had a third floor, oceanside room and the evening sea breezes made use of the AC unnecessary. We were hoping for a torrential rain but we did get some thunderclaps that made you sit up in bed! The place was pretty deserted during the week, but come Friday, people starting showing up and playing golf. I had my nails done and a massage. Dick had a haircut. It was nice having all the amenities right there. The golf course was beautiful. They are preparing for a major juniors tournament next weekend so the place will be quite lively. The entranceway is another thing. I am thankful that EDM has been so good at communicating with we residents about the dispute. The whole thing is typically Mexican in nature. Our beautiful entranceway has been reduced to a one lane drive flanked on both sides by a crudely made fence of barbwire hung on crooked posts (some set squarely in the cobblestone drive), decorated rather incongrusively with party flagging in gay Mexican and USA colors. EDM keeps the grass and shrubs trimmed neatly within the narrow pathway while palm fronds, fallen coconuts and tall grass populate the area outside the flagging. There was supposed to be some sort of deadline on September 5th, but I was too busy to find out what happened. Something about a court appointed appraiser entering the scene. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. Things move very slowly in Mexico.

Downtown Mazatlan is good. They are making real efforts to clean up the graffiti marked walls, replacing large areas with beautifully crafted, colorful murals, probably painted by the graffiti artists themselves. I am referring especially to the walls around the cemetery near the PeMex property. The road constructions at Los Conchis intersection is complete and traffic flows smoothly there now. They are still working on the next corner by the Pacifico Deposito. Some  favorite shops and restaurants have closed but on the whole, others have opened to take their place. There is lots of new construction along the Malecon although the old Senor Frogs is still there, right next to a brand spanking new Tourism Office. The broken down cruise ship is still there, very lonely. Many of the larger resort hotels are laying off workers. It’s just too hard to get people to the airport! Frontier isn’t coming back. United is suspending its only flight in November. Alaska is down to Saturday, Sunday & Monday only. US Airways is the only daily service. By the way, having missed our flight home due to a tight connection last May, I applied for a Global Entry permit and was able to zip right thru the customs area in PHX. Funny thing was there was little or no line there so Dick, who does not have a pass, was able to complete the ordeal in 15 minutes. Plus, we had a brand new Airbus 321 on the leg to Denver. What a nice aircraft!

But back to MZT. Stone Island is doing well, although the high tide inundates the brand new beach side palapa that Felipe has built at Lety’s. There were quite a few customers too!  Always a good thing. The Botanic Gardens are coming along nicely. They have completed the fence on the west side and are constructing a large “C” shaped lagoon in the middle of the property. I think a significant percentage of the male population of Stone Island is employed on the project and the work is beautiful! I did not have my camera with me or else I’d show you. The beach itself was littered with logs and stuff, not much trash though and there seemed to be many sticks marking turtle nests. I’d intended to go see Erendira to see how things are going on the turtle front but I ran out of time. The power plant has not changed. The new stacks appear to be complete but the same pollution is still pumping out the old ones. I was told they are waiting on a single part. Only in Mexico! The shrimp season is about to start so a parade of boats decorated the skyline one evening. They had a record harvest last year. That’s the good news. The bad news is that millions of tons of shrimp remain in cold storage waiting for the price to come back up. The sewage treatment plant remains challenged. One newspaper reported that 10,000 gallons of black water was being pumped into the bay every second last week. Needless to say, I did not put a toe in the water.

The palapa area at La Lagunita was under construction. They have stripped all the old pool curbing, the top row of tile and about half the palapa itself down the bare bones and were busy resurfacing everything. What a mess! But they are at least making good progress and I’m sure all will be back to normal soon. We did lose two palm trees to a lightening strike. For those interested in palm trees, the dead ones are in the flower bed just to the east of the bridge over the pool. Kiki is doing well although I suspect his soccer team lost in the summer tournament to, of all teams, the restaurant server’s team!  They had the trophy proudly displayed over the fireplace at Los Delfines.

Our condo reconstruction is coming along well. I arrived just in time to switch the washer/dryer hookups back over to the 105 side. I had the laundry room wall removed so you don’t have to go outside to change your mind anymore. Interestingly, the underlying construction was lacking two significant support columns so I am happy to report that our efforts have made the building even stouter. We officially closed on 106 so we are now legal!

So that’s the latest news. For those interested in the yoga program, I have reorganized it one more time. As soon as I add a few more diagrams, I will repost it here on the bulletin board. Also, FOB CanAm will have an update on the scholarship program on its blog site soon.

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3 Responses to Quick Trip!

  1. Heather Anders says:

    Thanks Kris, great ” catch up” for those not here! It was great to have you and Dick here even for the short visit!


  2. Mike Winey says:

    Thanks for the update Chris. Except for the entry, all seems well. This to shall pass(I hope). My kitesurfing has progressed nicely andI should be popping air off the waves at EDM this winter. See you in December.

    Mike Winey


  3. Marcia Pratt says:

    Your condo is coming together nicely. I really enjoy your posts Chris, thank you. Sounds like your trip to Australia was very successful. See you ij January. Marcia


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