2012-2013 Scholarship Students

FOB CanAm is pleased to announce that 18 new scholarship students have been accepted into the program, bringing the total number to 35 young people. With one exception. In a slight diversion from norm, FOB CanAm reached out to all non-Barron EDM employees with kids in prep school to apply for a limited number of scholarships. We received 8 applications. All were well qualified scholastically and all had logical, insightful and in many cases, moving essays about their hopes and dreams. Especially one. He is an EDM employee who was forced by economic circumstance to drop out of school at 16 and go to work to support his family. His dream is to finish prep school and continue his education so he can better support his own family. He is 33 years old and is scholarship student number 25. The idea to include all EDM employees in the scholarship eligibility pool was Heather Anders’ and has been enthusiastically embraced by FOB CanAm. We welcome the opportunity to extend your generosity to the people who make our comfortable lives here possible. At your next convenience, please go to the FOBNEWS.org website and review the 2012-2013 recipients. We are almost done posting them all. I am sure you will agree that this is a fine group of motivated students who just need a little help.

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