It’s Raining!!

A light rain began yesterday afternoon and it persisted all night. So it’s a cool and wet morning with low clouds. Kinda neat!! The rain should persist toady and go away by tomorrow.

This is also the season for “Super tides”. Due to the convergence of the sun & moon’s gravitational pulls, there is always a very high tide this time of year. Yesterday, California’s Huntington Beach’s 3.8 foot tide flooded the city’s downtown area. Our tides today will also be high; 4.65 feet above at 8:39am. And the low tide will also be super; 1.43 below at 3:32pm. So no worries coming back from Lety’s. On Monday, if you are attending the Posada at Lety’s (a highly recommended adventure) the tide will be low for the trip down the beach and will be relatively low for the trip back. Be there or be square!!

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