What is dengue fever?

This is a considerable risk for us. There is plenty of standing water on the golf course and elsewhere. I would like to see the unused swimming pool in the house nearest the Club House either chlorinated or drained. It was a green mess full of wiggling larva last time I peeked in there.

Hospital Balboa Mazatlan

  • Dengue fever is a disease Caused by a family of viruses are Transmitted by mosquitoes That.
  • Symptoms Such as headache, fever, exhaustion, severe joint and muscle pain, swollen glands (lymphadenopathy) and rash. The presence (the “dengue triad”) of fever, rash, and headache (and other pains) is particularly characteristic of dengue fever.
  • Dengue is the tropics THROUGHOUT Prevalent and subtropics. Have Outbreaks occurred recently in the Caribbean, Including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Cuba, and in Paraguay in South America, and Costa Rica in Central America.
  • Because dengue fever is Caused by a virus, there is no specific medicine or antibiotic to treat it. For typical dengue fever, The Treatment is Purely concern concerned with relief of the Symptoms (symptomatic).
  • The acute phase of the illness with fever and myalgias lasts one to two weeks About.
  • Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is a specific syndrome That Tends to Affect children under 10 years of…

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