Cal Jet Update!!

Hot off the presses!!!!

24,000 seats are being offered by Cal Jet from multiple destinations, into Mazatlan…. this month. Due to low initial subscription, Cal Jet has slashed prices AND offered empty seats to Travel Agents and journalists. Money to fund this monumental effort came from hotelier, the City of Mazatlan and the State of Sinaloa. The hope is that these visitors will return to their homes and start plugging Mazatlan as a destination… Safe, Clean, Entertaining, Golf, Etc.

AeroMexico has a similar offer out there.  They are thinking about offering attractive packages with hotel and airfare. Alaska Air has slashed their prices on certain dates to fill their planes.


How fun!

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2 Responses to Cal Jet Update!!

  1. Marty says:

    They told me they were going to reschedule for me-don’t see how I can trust that!


  2. Carol bieging says:

    My daughter and family were scheduled on Cal Jet from DEN to MZT on Feb. 14. they just received an e-mail that Cal Jet has cancelled all service, immediately, between the two cities. No offer to help reschedule! They do say they will refund the $$$. We will wait and see…..


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