Cal Jet Throws In Towel

The latest news from an Executive Vice-President of Cal Jet is that the experiment has failed. They do not, at this time, plan to continue service to Mazatlan after Feb 5, 2013. As it is, routes are being combined and times changed. So if you have tickets or friends with tickets, so sorry. Be sure to check your email for flight time changes. If you have reason to believe that Cal Jet does not have your email address, call them.

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3 Responses to Cal Jet Throws In Towel

  1. Cal Jet Air says:

    Cal Jet Air did not throw in the towel! We are very sorry that we had to cancel these flights as we never wanted it to come to this, we were contracted to fly these routes by The Sinola Group in Mazatlan and they were the ones that decided to cancel these flights (NOT CAL JET AIR) Again we are very sorry, as this was not our decision to cancel these flights. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, as we did not want this program to end this way. We are working to protect anyone that has already traveled and is returning after Feb 5th on another airline.


  2. Marty says:

    Frontier was the best! It worked so smoothly coming from Montana, too!


  3. Tracy Martinez says:

    That is too bad. We were hoping to get down there in March. Guess we have to use US airlines from Denver now. I wish Frontier would start up again.


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