The Tire Eating Pothole

Be careful when you return from Mazatlan next time. We hit this pothole that was cleverly disguised as an oil slick and that is shaped like a medial section of a car tire…. and deep! Luckily, we were in the truck and its extra wide tread did not fall into the cavern that exists below this oily facade. But a regular tire might be another story, so watch out. It is located just before the entrance to the Mazatlan Industrial Park, southbound I-15. If you stay in the left lane, you’ll miss it, but you might also miss the turn! Right laners are in danger. This thing will rip your tire to pieces!

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2 Responses to The Tire Eating Pothole

  1. Jeff Schneider says:

    I hit it last Wednesday night when it was dark out……I even knew it was there from a previous trip but forgot all about until the impact….with a small car and small tire it falls right in and it is teeth jarring…..popped the tire and bent the rim. Put the spare on and had it all fixed the next morning at the tire shop directly across from the Mega…..very nice place and great service. They hammered the rim out and balanced the tire then I had them check the alignment but all was ok…..150 pesos was a happy surprise and I was there less than 30 minutes.


  2. rob8wst says:

    We hit it and have mentioned it to several. Our left front tire was ruined. I know of three others at EDM who have also hit it. One flat but repairable tire, one bent rim.


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