English Speakers Wanted

Looking into those bright and shiny faces makes our Wednesday morning English classes in Barron’s kindergarten a highlight of the day. If you are available for four consecutive Wednesday mornings and might be interested in joining us contact:
Marilyn Jarvis, 2105 (Phase 2), 178-0018 or Julie Wallace 1114 (Phase 1) 178-0014

Ed. Note: Julie has been spearheading the effort to bring native English speakers into the lives of Barron’s kindergarten class for 3 years now. The program has developed into a favorite for the little kids. They come extra early to school and eagerly await the arrival of our venerable retired teachers who take their time to bring joy and learning to the class. Congratulations! What an example of “Pay It Forward!”

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  1. Dale Lyster says:

    Great job Julie & Marilyn for spear heading this wonderful venture into the lives of the students of Barron.


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