Another NAFTA Cup update for EDM owners!

That’s right, Professional Golfers will be in Mazatlan to play a “Horserace”!! As part of the NAFTA Cup, the opening day we will have a 9-hole Horserace with 17 players from the Canadian and Latin American Tours.

Normally, a Horserace consists of 10 players and after each hole one player is eliminated. If there is not a lone high score on a hole those tied with the high score compete in a “chip-off” and the one who is farthest from the hole is eliminated. With 17 players the elimination process will be modified so we come down to the 2 best players on the 9th hole.

This is a great spectator event on a great course for this type of game. Please consider coming in to Campestre Golf Course to join us for a couple of hours of very entertaining, very good golf, starting at 12:30 this Thursday, Feb 28, and see which of the Nafta Cup Professional Golfers walks away with the $10,000 Peso prize.

Questions?? Contact Kim or Cesar

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