USA Wins!

United States v Mexico - FIFA 2014 World Cup QualifierThe USA Men’s soccer team won a moral victory last night at Azteca Stadium. In the last 14 meetings, they have lost all but one (they tied once). Last night’s tie earned the USA one point in their World Cup qualifying group, placing them 3rd. Mexico drops to 5th in that same group. They will rematch this summer in Columbus, Ohio. USA has a much better record against Mexico on home turf. Azteca Stadium was a madhouse; over 110,000 people lent their voices, drums, trumpets, beer cups, etc. trying to intimidate our team and the handful of USA supporters in the stands. But Mexico was unable to score despite 17 on goal shots by their premier striker, Javier Hernandez. Interestingly enough, Shaw TV did not carry the game, opting instead to feed the current basketball fever. When I tried to tune in the game on the EDM TV system, I discovered new channels, one of which is a Mexican news broadcast. This is very good. I will try to get the new list from the SC so I can keep the TV guide updated and as correct as possible.

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