The Senior Class Speaks!

As the 2012 -2013 scholastic season draws to a close, the first graduating class who benefitted from the FOB CANAM scholarship program gets ready for the next phase of their lives. Of the original 15 students, some have been dropped from the program because of grades, some because they got married and entered the workforce. Our remaining students are now at a crossroads; do they go to work in the fields? get married? or do they go on to University? Some have elected to not continue. Others, having realized that opportunity is actually knocking on their doors, have imagined a future that includes a professional job, an opportunity to better themselves and bring hope and prosperity to their home town. Below are a few excerpts from their Senior Essays. The entire texts are on the FOB CANAM website, See what good can be done in this world.

Kathia (Tim & Nancy Musyka sponsors):
“Before I say goodbye I want to thank you again for the help you have given to me and the help that you have given to so many young people with this program.”

Bianca (sponsored by Jim & Frances Barnes):
“Once I have graduated and have my career, I want to help my community with the knowledge that I have gained during my studies. I know my community needs a lot and seems to be stuck. There is no progress in this community and it seems to me that young people with new ideas can make things better here.”

Guadalupe Cortez (sponsored by Bon & Julie Wallace):
“My parents work in the fields and for them it is very hard to educate my brothers and me because there is more than one in school. Nevertheless, my parents give the best that they have because they don’t want the same future for us as they have for themselves. They go to work in the fields every day and each time there’s less and less work because the climate is changing and agriculture is not that productive in this area.”

Alejandra Salazar O. (sponsored by Dale & Lynda Lyster)
“You have helped me with my future because I want to continue studying and pursue a career in nutrition.”

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