Welcome Home!

At about 5 pm, a young turtle hauled herself ashore in front of Reta’s home here at EDM. She appeared to be a youthful turtle and demonstrated this assumption by making seven attempts to build a nest over the next 3.5 hours. She was ultimately successful, laying 79 eggs, 77 of which were subsequently collected and transferred to the turtle sanctuary. Now this is a wild guess on my part, but I would like to believe that this young female is one of the 30,000 baby turtles released back in 2002 by our turtle biologist Erendira Gonzalez. Of the 30,000 babies released that year, only 30 were predicted to survive long enough to nest. Typically, females are 10 years old before they come ashore for the first time since their birth to construct their nests. Welcome home, Mrs. Turtle. And thank you, Erendira for your dedication. And thank you, EDM for your continued financial support of this very important program.

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2 Responses to Welcome Home!

  1. Marcia Pratt says:

    It is so good to seeall the hard work she does being so successful


  2. Jeff says:



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