It’s Employee Appreciation Day

In an effort to demonstrate our appreciation to our loyal employees, the HOA is staging a big party for all of them and their families over at Phase 3 palapa. There will be tacos, hamburgers, watermelon and homemade cookies. If you would like to express your appreciation for all that they do for us, stop by and say “Gracias!”.

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2 Responses to It’s Employee Appreciation Day

  1. Ron Pogue says:

    The HOA Employee Appreciation Day is for the direct support HOA employees of Phase I, II & III and their families and is sponsored by the Joint Owners of Phase I, II & III, not EDM.


  2. Renee Calrson says:

    This is only for HOA employess and their families not all employees. This
    is given by Estrella Del Mar and is not for residence, is our understanding as
    owners of phase III


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