Time on His Hands

Chasing Perfection at EDM by Ken Cosgrove

Artists, teachers, scientists and others like them chase perfection knowingly. Others, like me, do it unknowingly. It is impossible to achieve except maybe in fractionally small portions of our life.

From about age six months on my worth in life has never risen any higher than nothing. My status as retired offers little or no options for a jump from this lowly position. So to enhance whatever chances I have at leaving a legacy it is now my sole goal to achieve perfection at being worth absolutely nothing. Taking this action I realize there are few rewards for those bearing the burden of exceptionalism at being worth nothing. About the highest you can shoot for is election to the U.S. Congress.

Now realize to achieve perfection at doing nothing requires a balance between two parts of the body; the brain and muscles controlled by the brain. Perfection is achieved when these two have nothing more to do than relax and savor the enjoyment of doing nothing.

Here are the actual ingredients to the formula which enables me to enjoy the perfect nothing experience at EDM

Topping the list is drinking Vagle’s Caprichio, eating his peanuts, while smoking his cigarettes on his patio. Another key to the formula is having Susan B’s mini-creampuffs to eat. Joyce Pogue’s chocolate chip cookies are a must. The good humor of Ron and Patty Crawford embellish the feeling.
Seeing the beauty created by the brush strokes of Barb D. underline the eye’s role in perfection. Marcia’s infectious laughter. A cigar with Stenhouse. An overwhelming dose of friendship is available and must be used to strenthen the formula. I am talking about friends like Gerry and Becky, Rita and Craig. Oh my God there are so many others too. A fish trip with the McGuires is an important asset to the compound leading to nothing perfection And it is essential to have a loving wife who understands.

This formula for me generates the state of mind that when enjoyed in a poolside chair under the warmth of a sunny day or watching a beautiful sunset at EDM, is as close as I will ever come to nothing perfection. It’s my legacy. With maybe a few tweaks it can easily be shared by you.

Author’s note: You may notice there is no mention of golf. By the very nature of the damage this game can inflict to your brain and body it excludes itself from any discussion of the pursuit of doing nothing.

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2 Responses to Time on His Hands

  1. Marie-Claude says:

    Wow!!! Amazed by your talent!


  2. Marcia Pratt says:

    Ken, you missed your calling. Very talented. I miss you and Vi. Marcia


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