Is This Magic?

It's Magic
Once again, the “season” in “the bubble” has drawn to a close. Sure, there are still some stragglers about, but almost everyone is partied out, ready to get back to reality. Not me… it’s still snowing at my house and snow is no longer part of my reality. But the magic of here, stays here. Rest assured that things are in very good hands. I braved attending an SC meeting. My how those men work at keeping all those “i”s and “t”s happy! It’s quite amazing the level of detail to which every subject is explored. My hat is off to the group as a whole for it is because of them and their diligence that things are as we leave them upon our return. That is not magic. That is good old hard work and Follow-up. So thank you Cliff. Thank you Jim (and Jim). Thank you Ron. Thank you Luis Medina and Rafael Maestre, both working hard to appreciate the “gringo” way of doing business. And thank you Bob…. our little leprechaun!

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1 Response to Is This Magic?

  1. Dale Lyster says:

    I too would like to thank all the folks mentioned in this write up.
    Dale Lyster


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