Lots to Report

We have been very busy these last few days. On the FOB Front, we are thrilled to announce that Pat Butler and his Charity Golf Foundation have contributed $50,000 pesos to FOB CANAM AC. Together, we intend to maintain our current crop of students as well as take on at least 12 more in both the high school scholarship program and the newly inaugurated university scholarship program. Student candidates will be drawn from both the Barron middle school graduating class as well as any high school aged student of any EDM employee. We are working on flyers and other promotional materials to get the word out to every EDM employee so they can have a shot at winning a scholarship. Many many thanks to Pat Butler and his team.

The other important thing we are doing is organizing a Free Dental Clinic for the elementary school kids in Barron. Claire Silk, an EDM resident and retired dental hygienist, has organized a group of traveling dentists and they will be setting up a free dental clinic at the Barron primary school during the first week of September. All school aged children will be screened, counseled and treated as necessary to get and keep them on the road to oral health. While this is the inaugural clinic, we foresee this as an ongoing program. Thank you to Claire and all her hard work.

Again – Thanks to Pat Butler and Claire Silk! Additional information is available on the FOB CANAM website.

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1 Response to Lots to Report

  1. Marie-Claude says:

    Wow! Congrats to Claire and Pat!


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