Summer Fun with the Leprechauns!

Summer Challenge!!



Look at the attached Photo Stream and try to guess who posted it!
Clues are:

  • Pre-cambrian granite is found only on the east slope of the Rockies
  • Ponderosa Pine forest occurs between 6000 and 7500 foot elevation
  • Ranch equipment is a dead giveaway in the background
  • Yes!! It’s me at Virginia Dale.

    So if you are so motivated, go out into your backyard or deck and stack something up as a Leprechaun might! We can have a guessing game as to who’s yard it is! Or if you are traveling this summer to somewhere exotic, take a photo with some icon in the background and send it to me,

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    2 Responses to Summer Fun with the Leprechauns!

    1. Heather says:

      Love it !!! Thought it was Bob at first…he’s been a good rock zen teacher…


    2. rob8wst says:

      Wonderful!! Nice job!

      Bob Sanz


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