Tooth Fairies Needed

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? Well the Elementary School kids in Barron will very soon. A team of 3 or more dentists will be descending upon the school the first week of September to give each and every primary school kid a dental health checkup. Included in the program will be education, fluoride treatments, sealing and basic fillings. Local dentists are waiting in the wings for referrals. This has all been cooked up by Claire Silk, La Lagunita resident and retired dental hygienist. Through her contact with philanthropic dentist friends, she has arranged to have portable dental office equipment shipped to Mazatlan where it will remain for future use. Friends of Barron is helping out with the effort by providing liaison with local Barron officials and local dentists.

Even Tooth Fairies need a little help sometimes. We need two things:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Condo space for the week of Sept 1
  • If you can help by procuring child sized toothbrushes, it would be greatly appreciated. There is a variety of methods that can be employed:

  • Search through your bathroom cabinet and retrieve all those toothbrushes your dentist gave you last time, pack them up and send them to me.
  • When you are visiting your dentist in the next 2 months, ask him to donate to the cause. Dentists usually have loads of toothbrushes around to give away, so why not here? Ask, you just might receive!
  • Go to Costco or Big Lots or WalMart when they are having a big sale. Toothbrushes are not really expensive and we will need all sizes in the future. Grab what you can, pack them up and send them to me before August 25, 2013.

    If you would like to donate the use of your condo to the cause, we would need it that whole week. We will have need to accommodate 8 to 10 people. So far, we have 5 bedrooms committed.

    Please fill out the form below if you can help us out! And…thank you….in advance!

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