Grains of Sand Magnified

The diversity of sand grain types is a function of the immediate location of the turtle nesting beach. It is logical that the size, direction and intensity of the waves crashing upon the shore is also a highly local phenomena. The combination of the two converge to make a “song”, unique to that beach. Female turtles memorize that song while still within their egg and it is that memory that drives them to return to lay their eggs on the very beach upon which they were born. Visit this website and enjoy sand grain diversity!

Grains of Sand Magnified.

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3 Responses to Grains of Sand Magnified

  1. Heather says:

    I have always loved the thought of this! A song in the sands, perhaps that is why our Estrella is such a healing place!


  2. Ken Cosgrove says:

    Beach/song theory? Reference please.


    • krisvadale says:

      Please search the La Lagunita eBulletin Board for a posting by me about 2 years ago. Using the search box will suffice. It’s all referenced there. One guy went to the extreme of digging up miles of sand in Florida and transporting it to Central America to see if tagged baby turtles would return there instead. Course it will take 10 years to find out!


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