Dental Clinic Nears Reality

FOB CANAM has dreamed of bringing medical assistance to the tiny town of Barron for many years. Their first effort is shaping up nicely. Eight dedicated professional dental workers and a support team of unknown proportions will descend on Estrella del Mar the first week of September to examine, treat and educate the entire elementary school…. 250 kids ages 6 to 12. Please go to the FOB website to read short bios for our eight professionals. In a nutshell, these are professional dentists who are dedicated to bringing their skills to underserved areas in developing countries. They are well experienced working in Mexico. FOB CANAM hopes that this first clinic is just that… first in a line of many medical and dental clinics.

This is how it is shaping up:

  • The Elementary School Computer Classroom in Barron will be transformed into a dentist office. The room is air conditioned and the covered patio area will become the waiting room/staging area. We will have bilingual assistants taking histories and keeping track of the paperwork.
  • Four American dentists and four American dental hygienists/students, alongside at least one, maybe two Mexican dentists will see “clients” in the computer classroom. The kids will receive an examination after which procedures such as cleaning, fluoride treatment, and simple fillings will occur. Children with more complex needs will be referred to Mexican dentists for subsequent treatments. Most importantly, the kids will receive training and education about dental hygiene. The Mexican government is supplying handouts and posters at an age-appropriate level to use as teaching tools and FOB CANAM will provide a new toothbrush to every kid, thanks to the help of the EDM Tooth Fairies. By the way, all tooth fairies will receive a 2 x 1 drink coupon at Los Delfines Bar & Restaurant as a small thanks for their donations.
  • The Team will stay at EDM, using condos donated by Claire Silk, Dale Lyster, Dave Greiner and Bob Wallace. We have a crew of cooks who have volunteered to shop, cook and clean for the hungry dentists.
  • This is truly a mission from heaven. Dental hygiene is best learned early. Our thanks go out to everyone who has been working hard to make this mission possible.

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    4 Responses to Dental Clinic Nears Reality

    1. Dave & Elaine Greiner says:

      Hi Kris,

      We haven’t heard anything from you about using our condo for the dentists and if so what are the dates. Silvia has someone who would like it the Sept. 5th-through the 7th and if you do not need it I would like to let her know it is available.

      Let me know,

      Dave Greiner



    2. ROBERT W+ JR WALLACE says:

      Can you include the kindergarten children? Our neons will be puuuuuuuuuurfet for them? Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 20:09:07 +0000 To:


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