Fruit Fly Trap

I love bananas but can only use half at a time. This means the other half hangs forlornly on the stand attracting fruit flies. At altitude, I don’t have a problem most of the time; but in Mazatlan, I certainly do. This seems a perfect solution:

  • Cut a cone shape from a sheet of regular printer paper*
  • Fill a drinking glass 1/2 full with apple cider vinegar
  • Curl the paper into a cone & sink it in the vinegar, making sure the paper rests on the rim & extends above the rim.

Fruit flies, drawn by the smell of the vinegar, will fly into the cone but will be unable to fly out. Add a few drops of dish soap to break the surface tension of the liquid. This will allow the little dead bodies to sink rather than float.

* The best way to do this is to fold the sheet in half on the diagonal. Use scissors to cut an arc across the wide end to even out the edges. The length of the “leg” is determined by the height of the desired glass. It might be necessary to cut off the pointy end a bit to allow the paper to rest securely in the glass.

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