Day One Down, More to Go

We made it thru the first day of the FOB CANAM inaugural dental clinic! Starting from 8:30 (or so) in the morning, we educated, examined and treated the 6th grade kids attached to 960 adult teeth. Of those teeth, only one had a previous filling, and she had a cleft palate requiring surgery. We filled 46 teeth. Two of our volunteers are pictured below horsing around with the curing Meet Marjan and Farielle. They flew in, on their own nickel, from New York and Portland, WA, respectively, and are having a good time. Claire took the photo and her caption is “Happiness is a warm gun!”, ala John Lennon.

Others have really stepped up to the plate to help out. Maria Jose, who works with Ileana, was tremendous in helping with the education portion of the program. She has also orchestrated the care and feeding of the 8 hungry dentists, dubbed “The Elite Eight”. Last night Claudia and Dulce served us chicken cordon bleu, which was fantastic.

The Godfather of Barron, Dale Lyster was on deck all day, driving back and forth to Mazatlan and EDM gathering forgotten items and procuring necessary ones. I’m sure the little mice that power his Atos are also tired.

Two young men, Jesus Tirado and Uriel Alvarez, both “Ninos del Rio” golfers worked tirelessly all day helping Dick check the kids in and running errands. What comes around gos around!

My dentist, Susana Pedrero, is helping in the background with logistics and her sister Maria, also a dentist, will be helping in person today.Today we tackle the 5th and 4th graders. We won’t see as many adult teeth I think, but I am fearful of the condition of the baby teeth. The majority of the caries we found yesterday were in baby teeth and were not filled. We did arrest the decay as they will fall out on their own accord soon. Most of the extractions were baby teeth which decided to hang about instead of allowing themselves to go to the tooth fairy.(I hope anyone isn’t squeamish about dentistry).

All in all, there were very few tears and 8 hungry and tired dentists. Wish us luck today!

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  1. Renee Carlson says:

    That is awesome what you guys are doing!!! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers!!! Good Work “The Elite Eight”


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