New Scholarship Students Showcased

The 2013-2014 school season has begun and FOB CANAM is proud to announce their new slate of scholarship students in need of sponsors. Please go to to see the latest news and updates about our student scholars. Dick and I have spent many hours translating and transcribing all the information we have on these special kids. We did not, however, edit their essays. We felt it might give you, the potential sponsor, insight into the kid’s personalities if we left their essays largely intact. And that’s another reason it took so long.

Please take the time to read and appreciate these kids’ aspirations and characters. The university students especially give rise to much hope for the future.

One more note, FOB CANAM will be instituting tough new rules that will require the sponsored kids to communicate with you, their sponsors. We have asked this in the past but have gotten a lukewarm response from the kids. In the future, there will be a “Communicate with your sponsors regularly OR ELSE!” clause in the contract that we will be prepared to enforce.

Any comments, ideas, thoughts are always appreciated. See you soon in Paradise!

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