Shopping Tips

Although I am morally against thinking about gift shopping until December 20, Mary Beth has sent me some gift ideas that I really must share. She says the tiny chains come in all colors and given enough notice, she can manufacture about anything in time for the gift giving season. I’m sure she has a mountain of ready-made stock available for immediate purchase. So, if you are interested in a quality, reasonably priced gift that keeps on giving, contact her at renalrn@yahoo.comphoto_2 photo_3 photo_5 photo_4photo_1

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2 Responses to Shopping Tips

  1. Pauline says:

    I am coming to EDM Nov 30 and will be happy to check out Mary Beth’s bracelets. I have seen many of them and are totally impressed.. Also I would like to have an appt with Dr. Mazurin..does she make regular visits to EDM..
    Pauline Oslanski


    • krisvadale says:

      Dr Mazurin is not yet in residence but as soon as she is, I will let you know. About the bracelets, Mary Beth is temporarily residing stateside because of an illness in the family. It’s best to contact her by email and arrange any transactions that way.


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