Dental Clinic Happens on Tuesday

FOB CANAM is proud to annouce a second round of dental treatments for the primary school kids in Barron. Claire Silk has organized a clinic to apply varnish to the newly erupted molars of each and every kid attending primary school. This is a follow up treatment for the clinic held last September where every kid had a complete dental checkup and treatment. This follow-up clinic is designed to provide continuing educational and to head off caries in those new teeth that have erupted in the interim. We have eight volunteers, three “real” dental hygienists and five sets of willing hands that will spend their day next Tuesday helping out these kids. Additionally, Maria Jose and Patti Crawford will spend time in the classroom reinforcing the dental hygiene lessons we taught last summer. If you would like to help, it’s not too late. If you want to get in the thick of things, come to the training meeting at La Lagunita condo #1105/06 on Monday at 4 pm. There, we novices will be learning the ropes of varnish application. If you are interested but don’t want to get your hands in it, monetary donations are always appreciated. We have a few expenses for paper towels, trash bags and latex gloves that need offsetting. So if you are interested, call Claire at 178-0033 or email her at silk

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