What a Team!

Flouride TeamThings could not have gone better!  After a short training session on Monday afternoon, these brave souls ventured into the unknown to banish cavities like the superheroes that they are. One hundred and sixty-three kids were treated overa period of about three hours. Like clockwork, Dale Lyster shovelled the kids in the door and they all came out, new toothbrush in hand, their teeth absorbing the protective coating of fluoride. There were relatively few tears and a whole lot of smiles. Thank you, thank you to the Fluoride Team: Carolyn Barret, Rebecca Young, Susan Baillon, Barb du Fresne, Sue Broderick, Janice Ohms, Jan Schoen, Christina Richardson, Kim Valentino, Debbie Gillman, Claire Silk, Bonnie Canary, and best of all, Willie Portman, whom we have promised to clone for the next clinic.

Patti, Marilyn, Marie-Claude, Marie

Patti Crawford, Marie-Claude Bouffard, Marilyn Jarvis and Maria, Patti’s maid,  made a huge contribution going into each classroom and teaching the kids the correct method to brush their teeth and reinforcing some of the dietary rules necessary for good dental health.  Kudos to everyone involved!

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    My name is actually Marie-Claude Bouffard….


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