Annual Meeting

The last week of January has become a special event in recent years as it now combines all HOA Annual Meetings with the Golf Charity Tournament benefitting Mazatlan students. The meetings were particularly well-attended this year due to the coincidental confluence with the sale and new ownership of Estrella del Mar. We were able to finally meet the new owner, Sr. Leovi Carranza. Over 100 EDM owners crowded the Las Villas conference room to listen to Sr. Carranza’s remarks about his newly acquired property. He stated quite emphatically that his goal is to return Estrella del Mar to its former status as the “best golf resort in Mexico”. This vision was enthusiastically greeted by the people in attendance. He seems to be a regular guy with a clear idea of how much investment this vision will entail and he is looking forward to implementing his ideas. He was not terribly specific but he emphasized his willingness to interact with the people who already live here, calling us his partners and equals. He needs us to continue to be his ambassadors to encourage the sales that will cement EDM’s future. I, for one, am very pleased and hopeful about our future with Sr. Carranza. One must consider that he is a very private, self-made man. One must also remember that business is done differently in Mexico. Not only is it more laid back, it is less confrontational, more hands on, less timeline oriented. As it stands now, things look very much the same, except that the greens are much faster. The staff, with a couple of major exceptions, are the same. The person most responsible for making Estrella del Mar a great golf course, Kim Anders, has left his post as has Cesar Gamboa. Jorge Corral will be their new replacement beginning February 1. There is more landscaping happening and the major water lines are being dug up and worked on. The individual HOA’s have a challenge in that Cliff Ullman, the long-time Common Area Maintenance (CAM) administrator is no longer in that post. The La Lagunita HOA has arranged for Pat Butler to assume Cliff’s role in the short-term. After that, things are a bit up in the air. But what lovely air that is!!

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3 Responses to Annual Meeting

  1. Mark says:

    I also am appreciative of the the updates as my schedule did not allow me to attend. I too believe there is a great future ahead. There might be some bumps and the timeline, well it is Mexico.


  2. Ken Cosgrove says:

    Well put…like “timeline” caution. Opposite was comment to audience by MC at girly show, Iowa St.Fair,1961: “Don’t blink your eyes boys, you will miss half the show!”


  3. Hal Goldberg says:

    Thank you for your clear and thorough communication. Being kept up to date, is very much appreciated.


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