Primary School Computer Lab

I had occasion to visit the Barron Primary School today and was pleasantly surprised to find two 5th graders practicing their PowerPoint Presentation in the computer lab. They had a multi-page presentation that was projected upon the wall. I can’t say what a step up this is for these kids. FOB CANAM had a hand in this progress. Not only did they help build the computer lab in 2009 and 2010, they were able to secure thirteen of the seventeen requested computers by asking our readers to donated unwanted machines. So instead of spending the requested $110,000 pesos, FOB CANAM can now redirect their resources into helping the school district build an internet connection that can be shared throughout the school. TELMEX has located a line-of-sight signal coming from the military housing over by the power plant and perhaps with a new antenna, a sharable signal can be brought into the school.

A HUGE thank you needs to go to Joe & Berenice Oviatt, Jack & Debbie Gilman, Dale & Lynda Lyster and Marie-Claude Bouffard. While Dale was able to bring down two tower-type computers, the rest were laptops. Joe brought in nine from Canada in one trip! FOB CANAM had armed him and Dale with a letter from the schools indicating that they were being donated and the aduana gave him a green light. The IT guy at the primary school is busy hooking everything up. Soon, the kids will be able to take advantage of learning about the world via internet thanks to generous people like you.

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