Grandmother Alert

Grandmothers! If you have grandkids under the age of 5 who are coming to visit EDM, please note that I seem to have come into possession of a vast assortment of children’s books, toys, bedding, diapers, swim floats, high chairs, car seats, cribs, automobiles and baby gates. If you would ever like to borrow anything, please let me know. If you can help store anything, let me know. My garage is already full to overflowing into the extra shower stall! I also have an assortment of medical items the most important of which are a dozen or so epi-pens. Granted they are technically expired, but health professionals agree, expired epi-pens pose NO risk to someone in anaphylactic shock. And they can save their life. They are now stored safely in my shower. I am wondering if we can find a better, more centralized spot for them? Or at least one or two. I have children’s sizes as well as adult’s.

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