Blood Moon Tonite!

We are in for a treat tonite, A FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE, also known as a blood moon! While the moon is in the shadow of the earth, its face will be illuminated by the reflection of all the sunrises and sunsets happening throughout the world until it emerges some 4 hours later. As you can see from the diagram, our show will begin a few minutes before midnight tonite and continue thru the wee hours of the morning. Serendipitously, there will be a “campfire” on the beach, hosted by our local pyromaniac, David Pratt. Everyone is invited to enjoy the evening and observe this lunar phenomenon. As it is, there will be four consecutive Blood Moons in the next few years so stay tuned to this station!

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1 Response to Blood Moon Tonite!

  1. BJ Billingham says:

    So sorry to miss yet another great time……hope to see all soon…BJ


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