Dental Clinic Rocks!

Dental Clinic Collage #1

What a wild week! We had nine dental health professionals working six to eight hours a day. We saw 222 primary school kids as well as 47 kindergarteners.  Our prevalence rate of cavities droped from 74% last September to 67%. Some of that gain was due to the natural loss of deciduous (baby) teeth, but over the next five years, we expect to document a reduction in the rate of infection. The kids were really cooperative and excited to have their teeth cared for. Half of second grade made us posters regarding dental health and gave us all flowers on the last day.IMG_0407_2


How cute is that?? A bit later, all the hygienists participated in a round of musical chairs with the fifth and sixth graders. That evening saw us taking the water taxi to Mazatlan and after a city tour on a collective, we dined at Topolos. A fitting evening to top a highly sucessful week! Thank you to all the dental professionals (Jeff & Deb, Galen & Davina, Yanira, Vanessa, Genevive, Claire & Kurt), to those who loaned their condos (Dale & Lynda, Matt & Shauna) or sponsored a meal (BJ, Pat & Jack) and to the dogged volunteers (Heather & Kim, Mike & Willie, Aida, Jesus, Huggette & Jerry and Kelly). We made it happen!!


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2 Responses to Dental Clinic Rocks!


    You guys rock!!!!!Congratulations…Children are the dearest!!!Bob and Julie Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 19:46:08 +0000 To:


  2. Bette Millar Long says:

    My gosh, just love your picture collage…such a dazzling bevy of beautiful white smiles. Congratulations and thanks to all involved. Your hard work and dedication to this ongoing project is making such a difference!


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