First Impressions

I “got” to drive down this year… at least from Phoenix. As usual, most of the Highway 15 is being “widened” and we only experienced one protest. The beef arrachera at the Fiesta Americana in Hermosillo is still excellent and gas prices remain about the same. The toll booth prices, at least until you get to Culiacan, seem to be lower. I was heartened by several signs announcing that the new Mazatlan libramiento (freeway) “is now open!” I expected to be able to bypass Mazatlan but alas, they were actually talking about the libramiento and not the cuota (toll road) so we braved the traffic. There is literally a ribbon across the bypass exit so the opening must be imminent. We arrived just after dark and were immediately impressed by the new lighting and entrance sign. They are just beautiful. As usual, the whole property is beautiful. I hear the golf course is in great shape but I haven’t played yet. The airport remodel is complete and very impressive and they are paving the road to Isla Piedra! Good thing. The season’s hurricanes have steepened the beach sand and it’s pretty easy to get stuck. There is a Christmas Eve party at Kim & Heathers, put on by them, the Middlemisses and the Youngs and a New Year’s bash at the clubhouse. The turtle nesting season continues with last years totals already surpassed. Yoga begins on Monday. It’s nice to settle in.

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