EDMoto Club Has Inaugural Outing

“The older the boys the bigger their toys”.

Four-wheeling has become a popular sport and it seems more and more of them are turning up on our shores.  Some are not so fun, as in the recreationalists from Stone Island whipping up and down the dunes. But some serve as basic transportation. Dale Lyster decided to take his love of outdoor transportation to a new level. He found a guide based in the little town of La Tuna and organized a four vehicle outing that took the little group from EDM to Barron and then up the river thru Vainilla, past La Tuna and around the three lakes just north of the road. The guide, Luis, turned out to be a colorful fellow, having been born and raised on the river as was his mother’s family. He knows it like the back of his hand and is a great naturalist and outdoorsman.

The trip was toppd off with a meal at the popular La Tuna restarurant.


Dale Jarvis and Luis in “Emiliano”


“El Jefe” Dale Lyster


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  1. jack gilman says:

    Nice, Jack G


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