Serving on a HOA governing board doesn’t pay well and the rewards are often only measured in the self satisfaction of knowing you did a good job. The people who have served our association for the past few years deserve a big thank you for their work. Not only have they made improvements to the actual landscape but they have made improvements to the living landscape of life at EDM.

I particularly would point out of the hard work and dedication of Cliff Dufresne and Jim Ballion on the Committee. Jim’s guidance and follow through on the installation of the new cooling towers resulted in a quieter, better and money saving improvement to our facility. Cliff’s leadership marked with a soft touch and sound results has left the 16A residents with a financial foundation which secures a well grounded future for the property.

Thank you for your service all of you who have been serving on the Committee.

If you agree, let them know the next time you see them around.
Ken Cosgrove
C 405

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  1. jack gilman says:

    nice job cliff and jim, although we are not part of 16a we get a trickle down effect to some degree, thanks, Jack and Debbie G


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