Queen Adds “Ummph” to CanAm

IMG_5402The unexpected appearance of Queen Elizabeth II at the opening ceremonies was greeted with applause and admiration.  She graciously accepted former Queen, Brent Cunliffe as a  “Knight of Shining Armour”.  Hence forth, Brent shall be addressed as “Sir Brent” after receiving a quick slap on the butt from Her Majesties’ sword, affirming his Knighthood. Since the future of the Keystone Pipeline hangs in the balance with the outcome of this tournament, Her Majesty will remain glued to Golf Channel.

The Canadians are up by a single point.

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5 Responses to Queen Adds “Ummph” to CanAm

  1. Andy Brown says:

    Only wish I was there


  2. Claire silk says:

    Jolly good show!


  3. Marcia Pratt says:

    Go Canada!!!


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