Sad News

IMG_0646Julio Hernandez Soto was buried today in his home town about fifteen minutes south of Villa Union. He was 48 years old, a father of three and grandfather of two. He is remembered as Estrella del Mar’s  former bartender back when there was only one bar. Julio made the best margaritas around and his smile and gentle demeanor made him a favorite. He was a giant physically but so obviously kind it was impossible not to like him immediately.

Last Saturday night at a family quincinera Julio intervened in a fight and was shot and stabbed multiple times in the abdomen. He was rushed to the hospital but died two days later of his wounds. His memorial mass last night was very well attended as he was a stalwart member of his community

I will always remember Julio’s smile   He was a giant among men in so many ways. Vaya con Dios, Julio.

A Note from Marie-Claude  –  Barb DuFresne and Susan Baillon are taking up a collection for Julio’s wife if anyone would like to donate.

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3 Responses to Sad News

  1. Jan says:

    This made Kenny and I very sad. We will make a donation when we get down in Dec. Thanks for posting.


  2. Marie-claude says:

    Barb Dufresne and Sue Ballion were helping collecting money to help his wife in case anyone else would like to donate…


  3. Marcia Pratt says:

    I remeber Julio well and considered him to be a good friend, he surely will be missed. Marcia


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