Message from Dale Jarvis 

Hello to all:Some of you know Alma Delia Lizarraga Amerzquita. She is a lovely lady who spent her childhood living in Barron and has returned with her family to teach Elementary School. She is teaching English to Grades1 through 6. The government has renewed her contract and supplied her with books except for dictionaries. I have a request from her to have Spanish-English translation dictionaries suitable for the kids at those levels.

It is too expensive to ship from Canada so I am asking if any of you have access to a second hand book store and can fit a couple in your suitcase, would you please bring them along. The goal is to have 50 within about a year. There is a small library in each classroom and Alma rotates through them each day. There is no classroom for her. 

We hope to be in our condo, 2-102 by mid-January so please drop them by or take them to the school if you are visiting Barron. I would be delighted if you could pass this to your friends at Estrella.

Happy holidays to all. We are so looking forward to seeing each of you soon. Dale and Marilyn Jarvis

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