Beautification Continues

The final phase of landscaping around phase one condos is almost complete. Congratulations to Survellance committee member Bob Sanz and Kiki Medina, who oversaw the project, working on it his second last day on the job.
Bob did a great job of overseeing the multi year project.
The Despedida party for Kiki’s going away was a great success. Almost every owner who was in residence attended and everyone outdid themselves with the goodies. I will try to get a photo from Kelly Cosgrove of the cake that Julie Wallace’s granddaughter baked.  

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1 Response to Beautification Continues

  1. Jan & Clay Simon says:

    Thank you Kiki and Bob. We have enjoyed your beautiful, colorful arrangem
    ents this season. Sorry we are not there to thank you personally and to tell Kiki how much,we,have,appreciated him over the years we have been coming to EDM. It,won’t be the same without you. Good luck in your new career. Sus amigos….Jan & Clay


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