Godspeed Jean

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  1. Claire Silk says:

    Jean, you were a bright light in the world and will continue to be. Thanks for the beautiful sunset the other night….


  2. Ben/Carol says:

    Carol and I had the chance to meet this lovely lady last fall while she spend some time in phase 3.She was fragile but yet full of life.
    We had some good conversation by the pool and she was sure a great inspiration to us.



  3. Linda says:

    The stars shine brighter with her spirit.


    • krisvadale says:

      As we watched an unexpectedly spectacular sunset emerge from a bank of dark clouds on the horizon we listened to a poem read by Heather. Then we toasted to one of the most spectacular women I have had the privilege to know. Then we celebrated her life and talked and talked and talked. Lying on my back on a blanket I looked up thru the overhead palms and could see but one star. A single star shone bravely thru the overcast. It was Sirius, that star. Now I will forever associate Jean with Sirius. How brightly she will shine each night. Only two other stats were visible that night. One must have been Heather’s brother Lyle. And the last was definitely my mother, Yvonne.
      They are in such good company.


  4. Heather says:

    She’s walking the beach today and dancing in the sand !


  5. jack Gilman says:

    Jean you had a great life, yet the best is ahead of you, God Bless both you and Jerry, Jack & Debbie gilman


  6. purplesage333 says:

    So sorry…


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