First Crescent Moon & Meteor Shower Tonite

Tonight’s sunset will have a few extra special features in the form of a waxing crescent moon, Venus and Mars. The sliver of a silver moon with have small, reddish Mars close by and brilliant Venus suspended lower and to the right.  And if you happen to be outside at midnight, look to the north and find the Big Dipper. Radiating from its handle will be the Quadrantid meteor shower and the show will continue thru the wee hours of January 3.

Named for the constellation Quadrans Muralis, the short but intense burst of meteors retained its name even after the constellation associated with it was voted out of existence by the 1922 International Astronomical Union.

So don’t worry about your insomnia.  Take a stroll and enjoy the show.

As far as the moon goes, be sure to enjoy this one. My Mother believed viewing the crescent moon brought good luck so she went out of her way to see it every month. But in oder to preserve her luck, she insisted on seeing the moon naked. Don’t panic, it was not she who was naked, it was her eyes. Ancient English tradition stipulates that the crescent moon cannot be viewed through glass. We kids always thought it was funny when Mother would disappear outside during dinner time. She would take off her glasses and wait for the moon to appear while we waited patiently inside at the table, unable to commence the meal without her being seated.

Enjoy. Remember that most eyeglasses nowadays are made of plastic, although Mother never fell for that one. 

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