Yoga for Us Decrepids

Are you decrepit?  I know I am. I have been derelict in my duty to care for my body and now it’s getting back at me. My only defense is to rally all the other decrepids ( and jack, if it’s only you and me , it’ll still be good) and start a yoga class that doesn’t conflict with my current decision to play pickle ball on MWF.  Just in case you didn’t know, there is a stretching and water aerobics class at 9:40 or so in phase I if you can do that on MWF . But pickleball?  Can’t seem to pass it up. 

So come join  Jack and I in attempting to touch our toes if you are available that early. It’s Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 8:15. See ya there 

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3 Responses to Yoga for Us Decrepids

  1. Debbie Gilman says:

    Ok, Tue,Thrs @ 8:15 on the pool deck ? Jack

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  2. Patricia B Woycheese says:

    We’ll be gone next week but look forward to joining you after that.


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