Thanks from Floreser

Good morning EDM friends,
I want to thank each and everyone of you who donated things for the Garage Sale for Floreser.

Ana Lourdes told me they were able to raise 70,000 pesos yesterday!

She also told me they just welcome a 13 years old girl in the house Friday, as all the other girls a very tragic story, she is from Guerrero and her mother was trying to sell her to an OLD Man … The girl was able to be rescued and send to Floreser by the new lady in charge of the Minor Protection Bureau (Procuradora de la Defensa al Menor)

Another news is that Gaby the eldest girl from Floreser who turn 18, Gacy has been living in Floreser house for 4 years. She is studying University and got a job at the Foundation Back to Back, Back to Back has been helping several foundations and Gaby became close to them and is a wonderful young woman so they offered her to work with them! She will now also be giving back to those in need…

That said I can’t thank you all enough and I am so bless.. breaks my heart to see the life these young girls had but we can make a difference by helping them stay afloat and help when they have fund raisers so I will be in touch again!



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1 Response to Thanks from Floreser

  1. Constance Wilson says:

    Absolutely wonderful news.. a most worthwhile benefit.. for lovely young ladies!

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