Dog and Cat Owners Rejoice!


There is a new animal boutique in Mazatlan. Is your dog having a birthday? They have beautiful birthday cakes and cupcakes (a choice of beef or chicken). They make all their own nutritious food and treats with all natural ingredients – no salt or additives. They also have a great selection of pet clothes, toys, and hats. The owner speaks excellent English. 

The name of the store is “Yummy Pets” and is located on Guillermo Nelson in Old Mazatlan. It’s very easy to find as its 3 blocks off the Malecon. Turn at the Oxxo and its on your left, a pink building.

Contact for more information.


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1 Response to Dog and Cat Owners Rejoice!

  1. Joe And Berniece says:

    Joe and I went there on Monday and found it easily. It is a very cute store, lots of “ooh so cute”, and yummy looking treats. We were looking for a dog kennel, but they only had small ones, so still looking.



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