It’s Time to Pony Up

We used to be able to hide in our bubble, secure in our knowledge that this was Mexico’s Best Kept Secret. Well the secret’s out and we must confront reality. It’s been tough, living here in Paradise. There have been times when I’ve felt that I had the beautiful golf course all to myself; and I haven’t been far wrong.  I fear the days of walking onto the course without a tee time are over, however. Change is in the Wind, which is a good thing.

Change means a lot of good things… higher values, better food, more friends, more choices. It also means that we have to broaden our sense of Community to incorporate those who are now amongst us on a regular basis. I mean not only the “new” guys, who are investing here; they are destined to become our new best friends. But we also need to embrace the “transient” types, people who yearn to enjoy what we now take for granted: tropical seas, ocean breezes, sparkling pools, perfect ambiance. Maintenance of this Paradise is gonna take a little more work now that the place doesn’t sit empty for six months out of the year.

Unfortunately, the days of trusting our Community to do the right thing is past. We knew it was coming, that’s why we made all those rules so long ago; rules that have been largely ignored, circumvented or deliberately violated. It’s pretty common actually. Just this morning, I played pickle ball on a court complex containing four dogs, a total violation of the rules, posted prominently at the gate, “No Dogs Allowed”.  Hey, we rationalize, we’re not hurting anyone, and we happily continue our games. But what if an “outsider” came in, wanting to play his own game, bringing his Rottweilers with him? I guess we’d be forced to enforce the rules.

We have gotten to that point at Phase I. Perfectly normal looking, rational, rule-breaking people are hurting us, the 16-A Owners, monetarily while we just stand there and allow it to happen. While there may be a myriad of things that fall into this category, I would like to focus first upon the Renter’s Rules specifically. First I need to explain how rule-breaking renters (RBrRs) are hurting us all monetarily. Historically, RBrRs, like rule-abiding renters (RAbRs) have been awarded the run of the place. Neither group is invested here, but the RBrRs (let’s call them Robbers) tend to do bad things. They jump into the hot tub fresh from the ocean, sand and all. They allow their children to bathe without proper swim attire. They stage large parties that go on ’till all hours. They  fill the common area with cigarette smoke. They leave their air conditioning running full blast with all the doors and windows open. I would like to think that 1) I am exaggerating and 2) that Robbers do not make up a majority of renters, in general; but I’d be wrong. All of the above activities costs you and me money in the form of higher HOA dues to cover increased water, electrical, trash, maintenance, security and administrative fees.

Since we have learned over the years (and just recently) that is is not fair to enforce the rules that we have arbitrarily, we are forced to enforce them all equally, weather or not you have lived here for fifteen years or are a guy with his kid enjoying a three day holiday. To forward this goal, the Phase I and the 16-A Homes and Lots Surveillance Committee has come up with a plan. Basically, we are going to enforce the renter’s rules we have on the books:

  1. No more than [(# of bedrooms x 2) + 1] people are to occupy a unit. Period.
  2. Renters and unaccompanied guests are not allowed to invite more guests.
  3. Smoking is allowed only inside or outside in the covered corridors.
  4. No pets are allowed.
  5. No children are allowed in the hot tub after 4 PM.
  6. No toddlers are allowed in the pool without a swim diaper.
  7. Showers are required before entering the pool if you are sandy.
  8. No glass is allowed around the pool.
  9. Air conditioning is to be used only with the windows and doors shut .

The new EDM security team has agreed to work with us to enforce these rules. It is in their best interests to know who is on campus at any one time and it is in our best interest to let them be the heavies.

Complete information about the plan is available at the new Phase I and 16-A SC Blog site. There you will find all sorts of good information. Access to this site is restricted to Phase I and 16-A Owner’s only. If you are such an owner, you need to access this site because it going to become the norm, so please fill out the form below. All information will be kept in the utmost confidentiality. You will be given exclusive access to the new website and will have the opportunity to contribute to the safety and security of us all.  Thank-you.


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