Don’t Be Fooled

Los Estados Unidos, aka: the US, thinks it’s Spring. Despite frigid temperatures and hurricane force winds in the mid-west and north Atlantic states, the wise and venerable United States Government has mandated that we all change our clocks ahead because it’s Spring.  You know, Spring forward?

Well, it’s not Spring and I hate springing forward, especially at some on else’s command. I agree with Arizona for once, #To Hell with Daylight Saving Time. The reason that Mexico is different is that they play by old rules. Do you remember when George Bush moved our dates forward and back?  Mexico opted not to follow his lead. Wish I could opt out. I used to hate it then and I hate it even more now. Mexico will change its clocks, eventually. Watch this space for the breaking news!

That being said, I resign myself to struggling to figure when my grandson will be waking from his nap in snowy Connecticut.  She has gotten oodles of more snow that Chicago, which had gotten none this winter before this last storm started. No one listens to me, it seems.


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3 Responses to Don’t Be Fooled

  1. J. Serra says:

    Very different opinion. 80 today in Pleasanton, ca which means spring here and summer coming. Time to put away cold weather clothes and replace with shorts and golf shirts. Days getting longer and warmer. Tee off at 3 and still get 18 in. What’s not to like ?!?!?


  2. Linda says:

    Couldn’t say it better and I live in Arizona!


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