Student Luncheon Today

Dale Lyster is hosting a luncheon for the Friends of Barron student scholars and their sponsors today at the restaurant Guantes de Oro in Barron. On the menu will be shrimp prepared as you like and a variety of other traditional dishes. Our current crop of students will attend, including four students who have yet to be adopted. Nataly, Marco, Antonia and Alondra’s stories have been posted on all the bulletin boards around EDM. Please take the time to read their heartwarming stories and please consider reaching into your pockets to help these kids get an education.

Thank you!

P.S. All those who are interested in the project are welcome to join us for the luncheon.  A truck will be leaving the Phase I Glorietta at 1:45 to transport people to the restaurant. Join us if you can! If you can’t, please contact Dale at 178-0117 or email him at .

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