Angela Gets Established

“Angela” is here to catalog our pleasant experiences, helping guide newcomers and inform family and friends who might be visiting; like a virtual concierge. Let her help you share your personal knowledge so it can be held, truly, in-common. Angela’s List is people with whom we all have dealt, successfully or unsuccessfully, both trusted and doubtful. Please share your impressions of any professional service for which you have contracted by offering money in exchange for said service. If your dealings were less than successful, please indicate so and they will be identified as a “doubtful”. After all, even a chef at a Five-star restaurant can have a bad night, according to one Michelin judge.

Feel free to add to it Angela’s List by going to and clicking on the “Angela’s List” Tab.  That will be the updated copy. It’s just too hard to keep both versions in sync with each other. I have left some spots without contact information because I am hoping to attract personal information other than my own, first-hand, stuff.  That’s the one rule. It all has to be First Hand.


If you would like to add a recommendation (or denunciation) to this referral service for contractor labor, small and large, please click here or go to’s List.

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